Razor Toy Hauler by Heartland


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I'm looking for information about the reliability and maintainability of the Razor Toy Hauler. My wife and I are looking hard at the Razor but we can't find any ratings on the unit. I would appreciate hearing from anyone wwho has any information about or has any experience with the Razor or other Heartland RVs.


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RE: Razor Toy Hauler by Heartland

Hi mrsnail55,
I don't have a Razor, but do have a Bighorn 3055RL by Heartland RVS. I have to say that Heartland is really great in customer support and service. I had an 06 model and traded for an 08 and have been very pleased with my unit. Sure you will hear of problems, but all manufactures do have some, but Heartland makes sure they are taken care of. Come on over to the Heartland Owners Forum, www.heartlandowners.org/forum and check us out.


PS: the forum is not owned by Heartland RVs. So you will see and read good and bad, mostly good.


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Re: Razor Toy Hauler by Heartland

i believe the razor is new to the heartland lineup, 2 years ago we bought a sundance that was new to heartland at that time, needless to say we had to wash our hands of it, we hardley ever got to use it, it was in the shop almost all summer! we loved the layout and looks but thats about it, i will give you a short list of some of the big problems! first time we used it we towed it a 120 miles in light rain....open slide out and carpet was soaked!! seems they thought that the seal didnt need to touch bottom of slideout! after getting fans going decited to hook up to the sattlite port with a cable, after a hr figured out cables were all routed wrong!! also figured out stereo rear speakers wernt wired up! next trip noticed that while using shower it put almost as much water in the compartment below as it did in the tank!! they never used any sealant on shower, dealer had to remove and redo the whole thing!! and the final straw was after a 500 mile trip got home and the fresh water fell out and onto the axles! almost lost on road! our dealer was awsome but the factory didnt even want to extend our warranty for a short time, eventullay they did but not with out a huge fight and many calls!! our dealer found these same problems over and over on most of there units and just gave up selling the sundance all together!! and there were many many more probs, would take to long to list...the choice is up to you....beware!!