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I have a 2002 27' Laredo 5th wheel with double slides. I had it parked for the fall and winter at a campground in Frankfort, KY as I had limited space at my home and, since I was working in the Frankfort/Lexington area as well, my girlfriend and I would use it for an occasional winter get away.

Another older class C motorhome was parked next to it. The owner of the class C was staying it regularly. While at home in Indiana in the early morning hours of Dec 4, 2004 I got a call from the campground owner informing me that the class C had caught fire, exploded, and severely damaged the side of my 5th Wheel. The class C's owner was in it at the time but escaped without injury.

His insurance has refused to pay for any damages to my RV as they have determined that he was not responsible for the fire. My question is, is this customary practice with RV insurance?

I have had to file a claim with my insurance to have mine repaired. The repair cost estimates are in excess of $20K so my insurance company has "totalled" my RV. This means that the title on it will be a "salvage" title. Indiana law says that I can't re-license it on a salvage title and as such I can't pull it back to Indiana. What a mess!!!

Does any one here have any experience with this type of thing?
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Check with your agent and see if you can talk with an adjuster for your company. Perhaps he can give you some tips on how to deal with the other company's adjuster. There are certain things that pushes a company's buttons and he will know what they are. The class C owner may not have been responsible for the fire but it was his fire and that was responsible for your damage. Your company will subrogate his for the loss eventually. I'm not an insurance guy. I'm just telling you your adjuster will know how to work the system, your agent probably won't. I think I would demand a replacement of like kind and quality.
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Your insurance company should subrogate against the other guy's insurance company to get some of their money back. If they are not, ask your agent why not. You may have to file a complaint with your state insurance commission. :8ball:
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I talked to my adjuster friend. It sounds like your insurance is going to pay. He says if the house next to yours burns and melts your siding, that your homeowners policy is the one that will pay, not the house that had the fire. It is an accident and liability does not apply. If the trailer is totaled can't you replace it for the amount you are receiving? If it is totaled it usually becomes the property of the insurance company so moving it anywhere shouldn't be your problem.
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Timmy Mac,

Your insurance shouldn't be paying for the damage to your RV. It was not your fault this happened. I would get an attorney and file a suit against the Class C owner, his insurance carrier and the campground owner.
If you use your insurance company to pay for it your next RV insurance will cost you double.
Good Luck,
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OK Turnip....enlighten me as to how the campground owner was negligent and somehow responsible. And I agree with you, it seems that the other guy should pay. It's only when you have to use your insurance that most people find out they aren't actually covered like they think they are. Ask your agent to check with an adjuster for your company and see what they say if the same thing happened to your RV.