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I just purchased an used 06 Chev 2500HD Duramax CC SB and it came with a Reese 30026 5th wheel hitch. The previous owner towed a 28 footer and they said they had no problems with this setup. I'm very new at this and am trying to figure out why it is necessary to get a sliding type hitch for a shortbed p/u if this classic hitch worked for them? Do I need to change out the hitch because I plan to tow a different trailer? Does it matter what type of head (attachment point) is on the trailer (ie: ball, rubber mounted, conventional)? As you can see I, I haven't purchased a trailer yet and trying to educate myself before the purchase. Thanks for any and all advise.


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With a SB truck there is the possibility of the front of the 5th wheel (5er) hitting the cab of the truck when making sharp turns. There are 5er models out that have cut outs/indents on the front of the cap that would miss the cab of the truck. The sliding hitch allows you to "push" back the front of the 5er so that you will be able to make sharper turns with out fear of running the front of the 5er through the back of the truck cab. So, you could purchase a non-sliding hitch and buy a 5er model designed for SB's. But, you would always have to have one of those types. Or, at least be super careful when you have other models. Or get a sliding hitch and don't have to worry about it. There are manual sliders and auto sliders. Depending on what you want to pay.

I have a SB with a Valley manual slider and have not had to use the slider yet. But, there if I need it.

Let us know which way you go.