RE: Should this Camper van forum be continued?


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I think the answer is yes! People should be warned that these vans are very costly for what ya get, and often become very expensive touring cars, because they areverysmall
and difficult to stay in, except for veryshort periods of time. Over the last few years, here in FL, I have noticed a lot of Bs in motel parking lots. At first I figured they were justsleeping in the B RV and couldn't find a campground or Wal-Mart. But after a while I realized what was going on, the B user had gotten tried of trying to get along in that little B RV and had gotten a motel room, so they could spread out a little. So yes we should warn people, a camper van is only good for a small amount of time.....oh like a weekend and for only 1 or at the most 2 very compatable people!
RE: Should this Camper van forum be continued?

Not True! The RoadTrek Ralley Club is the 4th Largest club in the FMCA. go to one you will learn something and be suprised.
RE: Should this Camper van forum be continued?

We bought our Class B to travel in. That means that sometimes we stay at motels and sometimes we stay in the van. We like the options. We also have had several RVs over the years, from pickup campers to 36' Class A's, and they all fit our needs at the time. This fits our needs now as a semi retired couple, that travels to see grandchildren, children and friends across this country, and likes to see the country. I do hope the forum is continued..............because I just found it! :)


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I would be amazed that the question about continuing this forum even came up, except that there are so few posts to this forum. All of the questions or problems faced by class A or C are faced by class B motor homes, so I benefit from reading all of the other forums. The only issue that is significantly different may be storage and the ability for two people to move around and live in a tiny space, and that gets a little personal. Maybe no one wants to share that.


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IMO I think this forum should stay, the reason is that these forums are for all RVERS no matter what they drive, tow or size. To drop one is opening the door to drop any forum that someone thinks that it is not getting enough hits, maybe the reason is like the roadtrek club and the class B's may not have as many problems. As for being personal you get use to it. Easy to drive, easy to park, kinda like a big pickup. JMO

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ps love the ideas from all the forums , Teaches me the way to fix or adapt to the problems I have in my LITTLE rv.
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@DougP: Your logic fails my test of reasonableness. My wife and I put 151,000 miles on a 1989 Honda Goldwing and --always-- stayed in motels. Should I have been warned before I bought it that this would be the case? I think not as her only condition for riding on the Wing, at least initially, was that she would only camp in a facility with a thermostat on the wall. :) Neither she or I would ever, ever, ever take back those travels. Space and closeness is not the only consideration. The 2002 Toyota MR2 she bought had less storage space than the Wing and yet we drove it from Houston to Key West and loved it. Actually, we were closer on the Wing. ;) These forums are opportunities for questions and answers; sometimes silly and sometimes profound but always interesting. I've taught computer classes for some forty years or so and never pass up an opportunity to attend a course on one; there is always some gem of information from any gathering of people (and the uninformed sometimes contribute the absolute best questions). Anyway, my 2 cents worth. YMMV.


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I hope that it sticks around, I'm looking at possibly buying a Class B so that my wife doesn't worry about where the bathroom is on roadtrips, and to have somewhere to stay if we don't end up finding a hotel or the like that we want...