"Real" Dealer Price

What would be the average discount to expect on new motor home (Class A) either from a show or direct from a dealer? I really get disgusted :dead: with all the "jive" & hype....just give me a bottom line price. Someone mentioned you should get 30%??? off retail price??

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"Real" Dealer Price

Hi Fourwinds, there is no real dealer price, what you have to do is compare the exact same rig with about 4 / 5 dealers and get an average price and go from there. Every dealer has their own bisiness formula some are small with little overhead and sell for less, some have half a dozen complaining emploies and has to get more to try to keep all happy and some just don't care and the price is the price take it or leave it. Sometimes its worth it to pay a little more at a dealer that you like and has a excellent reputation, keep in mind that MSRP"s are just that mfg SUGGESTED retail price, so that being that and you take 30% off it really means nothing. Having said that if you really want to get serious and research prices you can subscribe to the dealers NADA book for a year at about $100.00 it will get you real close to dealer price and of course MSRP. Good luck with the search.
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"Real" Dealer Price

The key to your answer is to first know the manufacturer's suggested retail price, or MSRP. All RV manufacturers supply such a form, just as the automobile manufacturers do. But they are not required to show it to you. The first thing that I would suggest is to only shop dealers who will show you this from. RVs have a profit margin built into the MSRP of between 28 - 40%, depending upon the price of the unit. Generally, higher priced RVs have a larger profit margin. The RV Consumer Group (www.rv.org) suggests that you should never pay any more than 80% of MSRP. Reasonable discounts from MSRP will range from about 20% at the lower end of the price range to as much as 30% at the high end. In most cases, 25% is in the right range to look for.

All of this is based upon the real price of a new RV. If you have a trade-in you must expect to receive the fair wholesale value for it if you go by the above pricing. Remember that a dealer must pay a salesman to sell the trade-in as well as to make his normal profit on that sale.