Rear Kitchen


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We are looking at a 24F Itasca Spirit and I am a little concerned about the rear kitchen. What kind of problems will that cause to handling, stability, wear and tear on shocks, wear and tear on appliances.?
Re: Rear Kitchen

I had a rear kitchen in my 2003 Wildcat. I love the rig and had zero issues. My major appliances were situated over or near the axles. However, my mom purchased a 2007 Everest 293P(Towed with a F350 PS Ford). The rear kitchen had a few major issues.

1. The refer was situated along the back cap of the 5er. She actually had to finally carry eggs, etc in a cooler because everything would break in the fridge.

2. The cabinets refused to remain in the closed position on long and short road trips. Everything would fall out of the cabinets.

Everest is a well built stable rig. The rear end of anything gets the most movement. My rear kitchen had zero problems with the appliances on the side wall near the axle point. Everybody has an opinion...My thought is this:

Rear kitchens are terrific. I would like a rear kitchen with the appliances along the side most near and axle point. IE: NOT ALONG THE VERY BACK WALL. :cool: