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Hi ya'll, got a question for you.i have a class A with a sony rear monitor.. while on a recent trip the picture started acting up,color would fad,picture would go & come,go to a faded B&W,and finally no pic at all..........if its the camara itself, can one replace that one part or do i have to get a whole new unit????????? any ideas??????thanks


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Re: rear monitor

It is difficult to diagnose with just that description as some tests are usually required to know more, but I would think that it is not time to replace the entire system. I had a problem with mine completely loosing the picture and it was the camera, which I replaced and it was a pretty easy job. Since the system was eight years old, there was a newer, improved version of the camera and it was clearly money well spent. I suggest that you start by contacting the maker of the system. When I first talked to an RV shop about mine they said that my system was no longer made and that they would have to put in an entire new one. But it turns out that they don't sell what I have and the company that makes mine is very much in business and they even sell parts directly to the end user.

I would make a few tests before I went too far. Try disconnecting the camera and power up the system to see just what you then get on the monitor, as it might give you some hint. With the system operating, work each connector to see if you can duplicate the problem as it sounds to me as though there is a good chance that it might be a bad connection. I would also trace the cables as far as possible to be sure that there are no abraded areas that could be a problem. And talk with the tech. service department of your manufacturer. If you don't have any information, do a search on the company name via Google.