Rear Tire Air

I was wondering if anyone has had (or should) put more air in the rear tires of the tow vehicle when the 5er is attached. My tires seem a little under inflated when we have the additional weight on them. The tires are now presurized to factory specs for a Dodge Ram 3500 diesel.


Meadow Muffin

Gary B

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Rear Tire Air

HI MM, inflate the tires to what it says on the tire sidewall, many times this is more than what the truck mfg. says cause they figure for lighter loads and easier ride. My dually tires all around are at 80 PSI. Wether we are towing the 5er or have the Lance on or just running around empty.
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Rear Tire Air

I put in 50 on the front and 75 in the rear...when I first towed the 5r the back tires look like they were about 1/3 out of air. We will be towing tomorrow so i guess i will find out for real.

Thanks for the input.

Meadow Muffin