Recommendations for Rv for 4 people/2 cats in VA?


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Hi there.
I am looking to purchase a good quality RV that we will live in for a while until we find some land to build on. We are being transferred to Norfolk, VA in July and I was not sure if a typical RV can winter used for a year or so safely in that area. Also, I am not sure which type makes the most sense... towable or 5th wheel. I would like something that doesn't feel like a place for hot summer nights only... something warm and home like that is built with quality. It should be as large as possible with two seperate bedroom areas(prefer only one bunk to give more room). It has to stand up to my wild 7 year old special needs child. We don't have a lot to spend because we will also need to get a vehicle to tow it with. We are trying to find a more country like park to stay in for now. Am I crazy thinking we can do this? It just seems like the only way we will ever afford an RV is to do it this way and with the moves every 4 years and special needs child, I could really use the flexibility of an RV. What are your thoughts?

So, any recommendations for tow vehicles and trailers is so appreciated. Also, any dealers or places that would be good to look in to between ME and NC on the east coast would be great too. I am hoping to get the trailer in a month so please feel free to email me your suggestions. Thank you so much.