Recommendations for Rv for 4 people/2 cats in VA?


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Hi there.
I am looking to purchase a good quality RV that we will live in for a while until we find some land to build on. We are being transferred to Norfolk, VA in July and I was not sure if a typical RV can winter used for a year or so safely in that area. Also, I am not sure which type makes the most sense... towable or 5th wheel. I would like something that doesn't feel like a place for hot summer nights only... something warm and home like that is built with quality. It should be as large as possible with two seperate bedroom areas(prefer only one bunk to give more room). It has to stand up to my wild 7 year old special needs child. We don't have a lot to spend because we will also need to get a vehicle to tow it with. We are trying to find a more country like park to stay in for now. Am I crazy thinking we can do this? It just seems like the only way we will ever afford an RV is to do it this way and with the moves every 4 years and special needs child, I could really use the flexibility of an RV. What are your thoughts?

So, any recommendations for tow vehicles and trailers is so appreciated. Also, any dealers or places that would be good to look in to between ME and NC on the east coast would be great too. I am hoping to get the trailer in a month so please feel free to email me your suggestions. Thank you so much.



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Recommendations for Rv for 4 people/2 cats in VA?

As much as I love RV life, I can but wonder if it is a good choice for you. A large, good quality trailer of fifth wheel that will stand up to hard, fulltime use is quite expensive. And such trailers are also heavy and should really be towed with at least a medium duty truck. That combination is going to cost near $100K or more. It is very important to realize that even the largest of RVs will have only about 400 square feet of floor space, which is less than 1/3 of what a smaller than average house would have and 1/4 of an average one. Clearly it could be done, but I think that you should be very careful to make sure that it will work well for you.

Do you have any experience in RV living? There is a great deal involved in choosing a quality RV. Remember that you must evaluate everything that you would deal with in buying a house, but this one will be on wheels and needs to stand up to hauling it around the country over the highways. You would be very wise to do a lot of study first.


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Recommendations for Rv for 4 people/2 cats in VA?

As for the cats, you might want to look for a queen bed with fully enclosed base (with no slide mechanism). I made ours into a primo house for our cats. Vent on each side, with muffin fans over one vent, and a door out of a portable carrier cut into the end.

This keeps the food, water and litterbox out of the way, and provides a place to keep the cats confined when necessary. Depending on the size and activity level of the cats, you might even be able to partition off some of the area for storage.


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Recommendations for Rv for 4 people/2 cats in VA?

I remember when my dad and I first got our fifth wheel I kept reading responses like Kirks on how cheaper trailers aren't going to stand up to long term use but we have a "cheaper" trailer ours was under $30k for a 36' 5er and we love it...honestly I llooked at the Cards, Cedar's, Monatana's, etc and if you are looking for a 5er with Bunks you almost HAVE to go cheaper. I do know that Cedar Creek and Cardinal Forest River) both make trailers with bunk houses or "bunks" in them but they are alos quite expensive, in my opinion even if they are better quality and trust me....they are beautiful and well worth the money but I couldn't afford that much! I do agree, however, that you are going to need at least a 2500 or 250 (depending on the manufacturer and honestly I wouldn't go anything but Chevy but that's my opinion. :laugh:

I think that this is doable for you if you are determined. I personally am working on my last two years of my BA in Medieval British Lit. and we have lived in our rig for about a year and a half and had no probs other than the molding on one corner came off and I'll tell ya what...I am gonna woddglue that stinker down!!! It is a different lifestyle...we used to have a huge cube freezer and we bought meat in the family packs-no more!!! We shopped at the club stores...not so much now!!! RV living takes some getting used to but we have me and my dad (we have two bedrooms and one bathroom, the living/dining/kitchen area and then outside) and four small dogs and two cats!!! There are a lot of us and at times we have my two nieces too!!!

I was just looking at Pilgrims website (we have a Pilgrim and have never had a prob with it!!!) and they have a floor plan that you might like...<> I don't know what that costs but I was actually thinking of selling ours in a year and going with it except I absolutely love my garage and it doesn't have a garage!

Perhaps if there is a RV park around you somewhere you could look rent a trailer to stay in for a week...keep in mind that often they are smaller than what you will probably buy but it will give you an idea of what life is like!

Hope this helps!!!