recommendations on extended warranties

recommendations on extended warranties

I bought an extended warranty when I purchased my motorhome. It cost a little over $3400.00 for 7 years. The Workhorse chassis came with a three year warranty and a lot of the appliances had two year. The motorhome had a three year on the coach but Fleetwood isn't real good about helping make sure their dealers live up to warranty stuff so it turned out to be pretty useless.

This question was asked before and in retrospect I wish I had taken this advise. Instead of buying an extended warranty, put the money in some type of investment account that you can access easily. Then if you break down you will have the cash to pay for what you need fixed. Probably the most expensive items would be the motor and transmission so you could check to find out what the replacement cost would be and save that much money. Then you won't be a the mercy of a warranty company that requires all types of documentation or approvals before fixing your coach. Extended Warranty companies operate on a 95% profit margin.

I read an article in an RV magazine that said that you even have to keep track of your oil and lube receipts. If you do your own oil changes you have to have copies of your receipts where you bought the oil, filters, grease etc. Otherwise your warranty is void if you have engine or transmission problems. And you have to keep a log.

I would have been better off to have taken the first suggestion.

Good Luck.
recommendations on extended warranties

Do you have any friends in the used car business? If you do they would be a good resource. But I think you will probably find that most extended warranties aren't worth the paper they are written on.
But good luck.
recommendations on extended warranties

Hi Ronzerr1, I agree with Krazeehorse. I purchased extended warranty and keep a copy in my motorhome so I can argue my case. It has to be spelled out exactly or it is not covered. Example a hose has to be metal not rubber to be covered where transmission fluid is concerned. The slide out was the only one I have won on, because the rubber flanging is covered, But! I had to fight to get it covered several long distance phone calls and a lot of aggravation. I'm not sure I would spend the money again.
recommendations on extended warranties

Dear rimmuraysr59,
That is an excellent suggestion! Thank you so much. While I realize this was ronzerr1's question, I too have been toiling over the same question. I didn't opt to buy the extended plan when I bought my new trailer a couple of months ago. However, I still have the option to buy it. Your idea of a maintenance fund sounds much better to me! I know from past experience with automobiles that these so called extended warranty plans aren't worth much. They allways seem to find a reason why you voided your warranty or whatever problem your having is not covered. I have no reason to believe that RV warranty companies are any different. So I will be going with your suggestion instead :laugh:
Again, Thank You so much!