Red Mountain Pass Hwy 550

flatlander wanting to go to Silverton and Ouray late May. Heard alot of stories about the Pass. Only one mountain trip taken to date (smokies). Driving 2006 2500 4X4 Duramax pulling 31' travel trailer.

Any comment welcome.

Red Mountain Pass Hwy 550

There is nothing in the Smokies to compare to Red Mountain pass. It is a white knuckle drive. I have done it in a 26' MH, but I now have a Dodge diesel pulling a 34' 5er. I would not attempt it with my present rig. Ray
Red Mountain Pass Hwy 550

Red Mtn Pass is a beautiful mountain drive. Sure there are breath taking vistas land some no guard rail curves and steep upgrades/downgrades. If you use your head and respect what can happen if you screw up you'll be fine. It can snow a lot in May so check the forecast. You only want to make this drive if the weather is in your favor. Wear loose fitting briefs!