Reese or B&W Fifth Wheel Hitch?


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Recently I purchased a 5th Wheel Trailer and I am trying to decide between the Reese Signature hitch or the B&W hitch. I plan to install the hitch myself and use the under the bed rail installation kit. Does anyone have any thoughts as to which of these hitches is the best one? At times we plan to pull the trailer off road. Is one hitch better than the other for off road towing?

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Re: Reese or B&W Fifth Wheel Hitch?

We install a lot of both, but I would use the Signature, unless you need a Gooseneck Ball Hitch also.

With the B&W, your base unit comes with the Gooseneck ball. The B&W Companion Fifth Wheel is then added to the B&W base unit. Even though we have not had problems with the Companion, it pulls off the same central location as if you had a ball, and I think not as strong as the Signature.