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I purchased a used 32' holiday rambler TT. It was kept in good shape,
1982 model except for the fridge. It won't cool so I called my nearest
service center and they asked me if it was green in the back, which it is,and if I smell ammonia, which I don't. They told me that the green scales on the back of the unit meant it was done for. Do you agree? If it is can I use a small dorm room style fridge since I will be mostly hooked up at campsites and can I get a Gen. that will handle both the fridge and AC unit when I'm not? IN the owners manual
it says not to travel with the fridge running on propane, what do ya'll think? Sorry for the lengthy question but any info is much appreciated. Tons of questions but this is the most pressing at the moment. Thank you


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refridgerator, newbie

Hi Kywarrior,
Welcome to the forum. I don't know about the green stuff but I see no reason why a dorm type fridge wouldn't work as long as you are hooked up to elec.
You would need a pretty good size generator to run the refrigator and air conditioner at the same time. It takes at least a 3000W generator to run just an air conditioner, I believe. Perhaps others more experienced than I am in electrics can answer that better.
As far as running the fridge on propane while traveling - this has been debated many times and the debate still goes on today. Some say do and some say don't. I turn mine off while traveling, as I have found that if I don't open the fridge much while on the road, it will stay cold for 8 hours or longer - even on the hottest days. That is the limit as to how long I am willing to travel anyway - usually much shorter. If you do run with the propane turned on, you must turn off the fridge when getting gas, as the open flame from the fridge could cause an explosion while fueling.
Hope this answers some of your questions.

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refridgerator, newbie

A good source for information on these refrigerators is at

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