refrigerator safety

I have a question for all RVers. Hoe many travel with the refrigerator
on? I've been RVing for more than 30 years and was always told that it was safe to travel with the refrigerator running. This past year I've heard horror stories about RVs blowing up because something ignited the propane. I e-mailed Dometic and they said it was perfectly safe to travel with the refrigerator on, but Fleetwood says it isn't. Who is right? I once traveled for a month on the West Coast with the refrigerator on the entire trip. Now I'm afraid to put it on. How are you supposed to carry food if you can't use the refrigerator?

refrigerator safety

I have always traveled with the refrigerator on propane when I had TT and I have traveled with it on propane in my MH once or twice if I wasn't using the generator. I did shut it and the propane off while getting gas and I never had a problem nor did I ever see any other TT or MH having problems or exploding. I have since installed a 600 watt inverter just for the refrigerator and now I never worry about forgetting about shutting down the propane when I get gas.

Gary B

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refrigerator safety

HI doorslammer, we to have been travel for 20 plus years with our refer, furnace, and water heater on, and with no problems, do turn them off when refueling. As dometic & Norcold say its safe, I suppect Fleetwood wants to avoid any liabilities so will say no, being a large company they would be a lawsuit target. :cool: