Anyone know where to get an inexpensive frige. the cut out is 50" tall and the closest full electric I can find is 59" tall. I dont need the lp or dc feature. I would like the flush mount but $1200. is a little much for me right now. I do not have the original frige the previouse owner threw it out and put a very small compact frige that only takes up half the cut out.


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Frig's for RVs are not cheap, just about anywhere you look. Try (on the net) (search) some of the discount supply houses.
Good luck

Just measured my son's "dorm" fridge. It's a GE. 35 inches tall. 20 inches deep. 19 inches wide. If that holds enough for you then you've got enough space for the microwave on top! :)

Thanks for the help we found one at sears that was 53" tall and cost $350 I had to make the opening 3" taller and it fits great. :laugh: