Remco transmission pumps


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We recently purchased a 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser conv. and had a Remco transmission pump installed by one of Remco's dealers. Prior to purchasing the vehicle we verified with Remco that it could be safely towed with their pump. The pump failed within the first 500 miles of towing. With little assistance from Remco we had a new pump installed by a second dealer. The second dealer remarked to his service guy "another Remco failure". We then traveled 250 miles before it went out again this time it burned up the transmission on the PT Cruiser. Both times we were stuck on the interstate and had to have the car towed. We received next to no assistance from Remco during this adventure and major reluctance on their part to reimburse us for any of our expenses. Their customer service was next to none! Lesson learned: Purchase a tow vehicle designed for towing that requires no modifications. If you install any type of Remco product and you have a problem you are truly on your own.
Remco transmission pumps

Sorry to hear about your problems. I have found the Remco people to be straight shooters re advice however I have never had a problem so I cant comment on their product backup. Try writing to one of the RV magazines with your problem and see how Remco responds to their inquiry.Also a great internet site called to complain to. :(
Remco transmission pumps

Hi Dave,
I have used Remco pumps for better than 10 years and never had a problem. I did have a friend that had a pump fail within the first year and Remco replaced it. They are made by ShurFlow which is the same company that makes the water pumps and are usually trouble free. Couple of things, did the pump fail the first or the motor? Second, when the pump failed the second time, you said it burned up the trans. Didn't the warning light and buzzer go off? If the fluid stops flowing you should be warned so you can't do damage to the trans. Maybe it is an installation problem. If you are interested in another pump, I know where you can buy direct and save a lot of money.
Good luck
Remco transmission pumps

I used a Remco pump on my GMC Sonoma for three years with no problem. Sounds like you might have it hooked up backwards. In other words, the solenoid that hooked to the transmission cooling lines have to be hooked on the side that the oil normally goes into, not the one that it comes out of. If you hook it up backwards the solenoid will not let the oil flow. You said someone hooked it up for you. When they checked the pump did they check the solenoid. If you run the pump without fluid going through it then it will burn up. Not made to run dry.

I have since traded the Sonoma off and purchased a Chevy Colorado with 4 wheel drive. It tows a lot easier and with out the pump.

Good lUck.