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Any help with remodeling an old 76 rambler? We need more room in the living area. thinking of takeing out one of the bench seats. Any help, greatly appreciated. :approve:


RE: remodeling??

hey IMO i would say do it ,, as long as there is no electrical stuff to move ,, it's not really that hard ,, but u might want to think about what to put down on the floor after u remove the bench ,, in most older ,,(and some new) rv's they don't continue the carpet/tile or anything else under the furniture ,, they put it around them ,, so IMO i would look into redoing the whole area (floor that is and possible wall) in whatever u would like the most ,, but to tell u this ,, it won't improve the value of the rv ,, but it will improve the independant sale of the rv ,, just due to the fact of being up to date and modern ,, but agian go for it ,, u have nothing to loose ,, it's ur's and do what fit's u ;) :cool: :approve: :approve:


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Re: remodeling??

A little more specific information would be helpful for us to offer much by way of suggestions. How large is the RV? Mothorhome or trailer? Some idea of the layout of the living area?

Is the bench seat you want to take out, part of the dinette?