Removing 5th wheel mount from truck bed


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I find a lot of times I need to remove the 5th wheel mount from my truck. I don't always have someone around to help me get it off and back on. I can sort of get it off OK on my own, but this senior citizen body doesn't quite have it to get the mount back on to the truck bed.

I don't have anywhere to mount a winch. Has anyone come up with a solution to this problem?




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Do mine the same way as you.:concern:

Do you tear yours down? I take the pivot bolt out and tear it down into two pieces.


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Mine doesn't come apart. 4 pins hold the mount to the bed. I pull the pins and drop the mount. If the truck bed wasn't so high I could put it back on the bed myself, but even at 6'2" the bed (tailgate) is still way too high.


Good question. If you're in a situation where you have to do it by yourself, you might try using a skid to slide it up on to the truck bed, using a small come-along hooked to one of your front tie downs. I had (just sold it) an aluminum folding motorcycle ramp that would have worked great for that.


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I made a light duty "crane" that fits into the hitch receiver and uses a boat trailer winch to lift and lower the 5th wheel hitch. It is just a very simple L shaped piece of 2" square tubing that fits in to an extension out of the receiver long enough to clear the tailgate and is about 4 1/2 feet tall with a 2 foot bar on top with a pulley on it and a boat winch for power. It comes apart in 3 pieces so is light enough and still strong enough to lift the hitch. Mine is welded but it could be bolted as well.