Removing Rain-X


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Anyone have any ieas on how to remove Rain-X from the windshield?

I had my truck cleaned at the local car wash, getting the "Full Package" hoping they would work on the water spots on the windshield. All they said they did was clean it and apply Rain-X to minimize the water spots.

Now thanks to the mud and the crud I live around I can't see unless it is raining.



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Removing Rain-X

To remove water spots I use a mix of 20%Viniger with 80% Water it works good. I don't know if it will work on Rain-X, but I'd bet it would

Will Daniels

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Removing Rain-X

Glass Wax will work if you can find some. I had the same problem with my p/u and two applications were needed.


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Removing Rain-X

I don't think your problem is the Rain X. You've got some dried hard water on your windshield and the Rain X is covering it.
There is a product call CLR, it is a stronge calcium and rust remover.
This is what I would do, if I had your problem.
1. Take razor window scraper and clean the windowns as though it had paint on it.
2. Then take a terry cloth rag and lightly wet it with the CLR, just enough to wet the window. Then start at the top of your window and rub the surface in circular motion. This is when a little hard rubbing will help. There will be a point when you will notice the film being removed. Do this again for the second time, then dampen another clean terry coth rag with clean water and wipe the window. You might want to do the wipe with clean water a couple times.
After cleaning the window, towel dry and now apply a coat of Rain X.

It's really a great product when applied properly. I think once you have the window clean and you have applied a coat of Rain X, once you've used it, you grow to love it.

RainX on all my windows


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Removing Rain-X

Definetly have to concur with amore's post. I've used rain-x on all my vehicles wether they roll, float or fly. I think it's great stuff...


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Removing Rain-X


FINALLY got a reply e-mail from Rain-X on Saturday morning, thanks to the fun virus the idiots releasing think is funny. They suggested Soft Scrub and said it would take “several” applications.

So off to the store I go. Getting Soft Scrub, vinegar, spray bottles and to keep the wife off my case a bundle of terry rags. Just in case I also got some #0000F steel wool, which was suggested when I called the local auto glass company looking for glass wax.

With the truck in the shade I tried the vinegar solution. Wouldn’t touch it. Nicely cleaned it though. So hesitantly I tried the Soft Scrub in a corner. Seemed to make a dent in it, but still there, with water spots under it. RELUCTANTLY I tried the steel wool, it too seemed to work, whoo hoo no scratches either.

Realizing this was going to take all weekend I tried the Soft Scrub gently working it with the steel wool. HEY that works pretty good and still no scratches.

Ok second test in the other corner. A little bit more elbow grease than the other corner, but still worked and still no scratches. So now I have a plan.

So on to the main portion of the windshield. DANG, I put it on much thicker there than those test corners. 8 applications and a bag of steel wool later I think I have most of it off, as well as the water spots.

Threw out the Windex and will use the 20/80 vinegar/water solution from now on, cheaper and cleans better. I will wait until after the first rain to decide on reapplying the Rain-X.

Thanks for the help.


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Re: Removing Rain-X

Has anyone found that Rain-X actually decreases visibilty?
I drive truck and find that it leaves a thin film of water on the windshield after the wiper passes and then it refracts the light, and now it is like being in fog.

I found this thread when looking for ways to remove it.



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Re: Removing Rain-X

I've had the same experience. Its ok with 'rain', but with light amounts of moisture (like fog) it decreases visibility.

The only place I use it now is on the glass door of our shower. Work great there.

John Harrelson

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Re: Removing Rain-X

I never used it on any of my cars and trucks, including the Big rigs I drove for a living..... BUT ..... I used it faithfully on all my motorcycles for the past 30 (-+) years and loved it..

Using RAIN-X on the plastic windshield faring on motorcycles makes the windshield seem to completely disappear.. Absolutely fantastic stuff for bikes...



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RE: Removing Rain-X

I use it on all my vehicles, to reduce the "film" you have to really buff it with a soft cloth after applying the X.
I find Rain X wears off after a couple of washings......