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Am coming over to Vancouver from England and am planning on renting an RV in August! We thought we would go out from Vancouver and head towards the Rockies (seeing Jasper, Banff, Glacier, etc.) and then back to Vancouver. We have a few questions though about RVing;

1) Do you need to stay in an official camp site or can you just pull up by the side of the road and stay overnight?

2) Most RV rental websites are offering 500KM / 1000KM packages as extra costs, does this mean that we get charged a base rate and then the distance we travel is extra?

Any other tips greatly recieved before we book one up!



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Re: Renting an RV

I'm not sure about Canada but I think they have similar laws to the U.S. as far as camping on the side of the road. If it isn't posted and you are in a rural area it is usually safe to assume you can park for up to 8 hours. You must remember though that if it is on the highway right of way they may ask you to move. It is best and safest to stay in the campgrounds.

The packages are fairly standard things. It gives you a certain distance you can travel for the fee you are charged then for every km traveled further than that it is a set fee per km. They will also charge you a fee per hour for using the generator. You will have to leave a damage deposit which if you bring the coach back undamaged they will apply it to your bill or reimberse (however they do it). With the US dollar dropping like it is by the time you get here it may be profitable to hop across the boarder and rent from El Monty RV.