Renting my RV


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I own a 1996 Sunline 26ft. travel trailer that I don't get to use much anymore because of scheduling conflicts with my teenage sons. I'm not ready to sell it yet because of my 9 year old daughter, she's still got a few years of travel left and my sons will be old enough to care for themselves, for the short times that we would be away, in a couple of years.
I am interested in renting this travel trailer out,so it would at least be getting used, but I'm not sure what kind of insurance I would need, or what kind and how much liability is involved in this.
Can any one help?

C Nash

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Renting my RV

Hi pghfrftr,
Probably best to check with your insurance agent and see what you would need to cover yourself and rv. Man, I want even loan our rv to the kids!! Beware, you may wind up with a tt that you can no longer use anyway after the renting!! Might be better off to sell and buy later. (JMO)

Chelse L. Nash


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Renting my RV

Renting it yourself does involve some risk and effort.

Another idea is to check with local dealers who rent, they may have a managment program that does all the risk/work for you for 30-40% of the rental fee. You most likely can't put your '96 trailer in the program, too old, but with the program, you buy new every 3-4 years and depreciation on taxes/rental fees cover the cost.

The quality of the dealer is critical for this program so check them out with references.

This is what I do with my Class C.

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