Renting Prices

Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum and have a quick question.
Me and some of my friends are planning to go camping this
summer in tennesee. We are planning on renting. My question
concerns the general prices we're going to be looking at and
whether or not mileage is limited or what the deal is with
that. we're gonna travel about 1200 miles. :cool:
Renting Prices

Hey summer, Here in Caliifornia the is about $595.00 per week. Not sure how many miles you get, if I find out I'll post again. Have fun. :laugh:
Renting Prices

Hey summertraveler, I went in to, typed in Rv rentals in Alabama. Heres just two places I found, the phone number of one is (205) 342-2533, the addresss of the other is, Bankston Motor Home Inc. 2191 Jordan Lane, Huntsville, Al. 35816. Sorry I did get there phone number. Hope this helps, hope you and your friends have a great time. :)