renting rv

we are thinking of flying to Las Vegas and renting an RV,going to San Diego,Los Angeles and finishing up in San Francisco (staying at places along the way). My question is how do we get around sightseeing in cities. Do we park in a camp site,then use public transport? Do buses stop at camp sites? Also can anyone recomend any good campsites in these areas
renting rv

Sounds like you should stick to renting a car, forget the RV if you want to see the sites in the cities. Most of us RV people want to get away from the cities and head for the mountains, lakes, beachs, hiking trails, etc.


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renting rv

Actually, there are several different answers to this question. You can probably locate RV parks that are near public transportation but you do need to ask as not all parks are. Many people do rent a class C motorhome and then drive it to at least some attractions. Most major attractions will have parking for RVs but if you are going into the city you won't want to drive one of the larger motorhomes. if you rent an RV of 30' or more then you could have difficulty in finding places to park it. The other alternative is to rent a car once you are in the city. That is probably a good approach when in the larger cities. Rental agencies will usually deliver the car to you and many RV parks have some arrangment with a car rental agency. There are many people who rent the smaller class C RVs who do not have another means of transportation.
renting rv

Getting back to your question. That is the reason I bought a Class B. We do a lot of day trips and the Class B is perfect for this. In case you are not familiar with the Class B, it is a camper van, mine is 19' long and has everything the big boys have. They are just like any van/car and easy to get around in traffic and park.
This may be the answer to your question. Renting a Class B would work out fine unless you have a lot of people. I can seat 4 people and sleeps 4 as well.