replace or rebuild genny?


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I have an onan 6.5 NH (gas) in an '85 Holiday Rambler 33. I was told at cummins that the windings are bad and that the motor still has good compression but is misfiring. Will i save any money by rebuilding the old one? If I switch to another brand will there be any significant electrical work? Are there any opinions on converting to LP?


RE: replace or rebuild genny?

did cummins say why the engine was misfiring??? be carefull here ,, they somtimes want the extra labor ,, when it's not really a big prob ,, could be plug wires or such ,, also u'r yr genset engine has points ,, and they rust and get out of adjustment ,,, as for the windings ,,, did they load bank test,, the set??? I'm sure they would ,, but anyway ,, if it's the windings have them rebuild the generator side of it ,, and also have them ck out the miss on the engine side ,, it will cost a few $$$$ but in the long run ,, if it's only a tune up or bad gas on the engine u'r ahead of the game ,, JMO :approve: ;)