Replacing carpet with ceramic floor tile?


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2005 Vectra 40AD, I am in the process replacing the front carpet in my coach by extending the existing ceramic tile floor. The job is coming along but there has been several major glitches along the way. Just wonder if anyone else out there has tried this. Would like to compare notes, especially regards the slide and the type of grout used.


well to get to the real question the original poster had ,, now that the spammer is gone ,, is this ,, i have done a few in ceramic tile ,, and u use the same type grout as u would in a house ,, but one thing ,, space them a little more for movement ,, remember u are driving a house on the road ,, also as for the slides ,, if u remove the trim on the bottom u can get the tile under it ,, but one thing there ,, u might try and find some replacement trim that matches first ,, cause u might break a part of it removing it ,, and also ,, u might also have to trim that molding once the tile is down to let the slide not drag on it ,, but JMO on what i have done

stefan s

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Does the tile and grout hold up for a long time though? I know with tile in my home, I was lucky I purchased a case of the same batch because I have already had to replace several tiles due to dropping heaving items on the floor. I would think the ceramic tile floor would take more punishment do the the high traffic in more of a confined space as well as the normal bumps of the road. Would engineered hardwood flooring or vinyl flooring be better for those that get more use out of their RV? I am guessing it is also personal preference on what you want for flooring as well. I just want something that will go the distance.


I am a proponent of engineered hardwood flooring. First, its dimensionally stable- won't cup on the edges. Second, glued down with premium urethane adhesive will not sound hollow like floating floors. Third- you can cut tongue and groove wood close to cabinets so that you need no trim to cover up any gaps. Been doing this for close to 40 years- hope I can still keep at it