Replacing Fresh water tank fillup thing


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Cant think of the proper name, its the part you pull out and stick the hose in to fill your fresh water tank. I was going to replace that whole piece cause the latch is broke and it slides out on its own. I took the 4 screws holding it to the side of the trailor but then its connected to a hose on the inside that runs into the water tank. Anybody ever replace one of those, got any tips.


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Replacing Fresh water tank fillup thing

While I haven't had to replace one of these, I can tell you to spend a little extra time shopping to get an exact replacement if you can. There are probably at least a half dozen styles out there and while they may be considered generic, it helps a lot if the screw holes line up and the hose connector is the right size.


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Replacing Fresh water tank fillup thing

I have done that job and it isn't difficult. There is some type of clamp that holds the hose to the opening where you fill it. Just be very careful not to allow the hose to dissappear into the hole in the wall once you have the old fitting off. When I did mine, I attached some duct tape around the hose and then to the side of the RV so that I would be able to let go of the hose while in process.