Report from J Harrelson

C Nash

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Just received this message from John and he wanted it passed on to all on the forum.

Don't have regular internet used here in Louisiana and Mississippi due to hurricane destruction. am using local wifi to send this message.

please hold all jokes, pictures, etc until I return home sometime after Christmas.. I don't have time or internet access for long enough to download them.. Text messages are OK..

Am in Algiers, LA at moment, but have been all over LA and Miss. since Sept. 1st. Horrible conditions.. dead bodies and destroyed homes and businesses,

If you are a believer,, pray for these people.. they are totally devastated.. no water, no food, no place to even pray, as the churches are damaged to bad to use..

gotta go, time running out, working 18 hour days

Chelse, please tell all RV forum members that I miss them and will be home hopefully after Christmas

will try to send photos of devastation later...


Gogama RV Park

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Report from J Harrelson

Keep up the spirit John, Canadians are feeling this devastation also.......... :(
We are praying for them and to give you strength also.