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Hi all
I'm new hear

My EPDM or the other rubber roof looks ok. But I have a spot wear it looks like a branch poked a hole and than was calked(lap sealant). I just noticed that the ply wood there is badly rotted about 1 foot across. It feels like some of the wood framing might also be rotted. Should I just peel the roof back(can it be reused ?) and replace the wood or just do the EPDM rubber roofing coating system ? I live in it and I will have lots of rain coming withing 3-5 weeks. I can get a carport tent with clear tarps to work on it.

I need to do some lap sealant and the EPDM rubber roofing coating. What one should I do first ?


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I used Dicor 501LSW-1 for my roof. The combination of Dicor Lap Sealant with Eternabond changed my olf roof into a new one. Good product. Easy to apply and looks professional.
There is a way to apply the RV roof sealant. In most cases, you just have to prepare the surface, clean, and make sure it is dry before applying the RV roof sealant. For complete steps and instructions, check the user manual provided or read the label.