Researching for an RV

I'm just starting out in looking to purchase an RV. I have no experience. Since there are no consumer ratings for RV Dealers, can anyone recommend a Dealer in the Tri-County area around Detroit, MI. ? or any Dealers I would need to stay away from ?
Re: Researching for an RV

I have found, if you have the time and energy, actually shopping different dealers to be a worthwhile experience. You get a good feel for the dealer and might over hear, while at the dealership, some good, bad or ugly experiences.

Shopping the internet can be worth while. Especially, if you know the year, make, and model you want. Some of the bigger dealers around the country might make it worth your while to travel to them for delivery.If you are considering a new RV; I have know folks who lived in Texas who had coaches built in Oregon dropped off in Texas rather than taken to a Florida dealer. For example if you decided in a Winnebago you might get a new coach dropped in Michigan rather than shipped all the way to a dealer in New York..

I know of folks who hate the dealer we purchased from and then there are those of us who like them. We should all make our own decisions.

Good luck and remember .."it's only money so spend it."....Sorry I had to say that.
Re: Researching for an RV

Thank you for the info. I am excited about an RV and am looking forward to the experience. I'm tired of flying with all the hassles (sp).