Resolvement of our problems

Gary B

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Resolvement of our problems

Hi Ken I have a couple of questions was this a brand new 5er you purchased from a Nuwa dealer?
It looks very used and abused to me, just looking at the pictures I'd guess it was a used rig that was involved in an accident, the axle problem appear to be from a very hard impact that ripped the alxe loose and was inproperly repaired, the step was most likely damaged and the old ones removed and new ones installed. You asked for comments and thats my take on the deal I feel you haven't told the complete story but I could be wrong. If it was truely a brand new trailer and that the actual conditon of it I have to ask: WHAT the heck were you looking at when you took delivery of it those are all glaring defects, all that damage didn't happen in one 500 mile trip. I wish you the best with getting it resloved, I can tell you that we had a 97 HH II that we just sold last spring and it was in excellent condition when we sold it. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;) :approve:
Resolvement of our problems

Update on problems with our 2005 RV. We are in recent contact with NuWa and hope to reach a positive outcome. We appreciate all the support and we will keep you informed. :)
Resolvement of our problems

As of March 6 2005 we are still grounded in south TX with our new HH. :( :angry: :dead: :disapprove:
Resolvement of our problems

:) Thanks to everyone who expressed concerns with our problems with the manufacturer of NuWa's HitchHiker II LS. We have reached a mutual resolvement of our problems . We appreciate a forum, such as this, where individuals can bring problems to the forefront. This same information will be mentioned on,, and Also, I would like to add that with everyone working together we can help in the production of better products made in the USA. :)