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I thank all who contribute a lot to this forum. I get a lot of info from folks who post frequently and pass the knowledge on to the rest of us. I just acquired a 99 Rexhall on a F53 chassis and of course none of the factory info was found beyond a generic manual from Ford. I'm not a new RV'er and do most all repairs and maintenance myself but since upgrading from a class C to an "A" have found it a new world. Is there any source where I could look for specific info for my coach like schematics? Do any of the mfg's supply anything like that about their stuff? Its been amazing every time I take a panel off the wall and discover wiring paths and plumbing routes, etc.


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Georgie Boy did so back before they were swallowed by Coachman. Not sure if they still do. Having said that, I suspect that you would find the document that they call a schematic to be of limited use, just as I did. The problem is that they use one wire harness for any of a specific model and it has a very general schematic that really doesn't tell you where to find the different parts of the harness, just what there is in it, if you locate it. Mine does have wire color codes and that helps, but more than one use is made of many of the colors so even that has only some help.

I would do as Carlin suggests and try contacting the manufacturer. That is your best hope but with a rig that is nearly 10 years old, ..........?
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Thanks for the responses guys. I actually ran into a Rexhall Int representative at a rally we attended last weekend. I should join them and meet more owners. They'll be a good source of informed experience. The thing that I'm most concerned with is the magnetek converter in this coach. I really would like to upgrade the battery charging side to a multi-step charger.


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Interesting question. I haven't been on this site for a few month (been a bit busy).

Just got off the phone with customer service at Coachman (formerly Georgie Boy). Spoke to a gentleman by the name of Jerry that was EXTERMELY HELPFULL. I had general construction questions about my 1989, 32' Class A GB Cruise Master.
He told me everything I needed to know and alot more. (all wiring is run under floor or in cabinet spaces. Nothing goes in the walls or the roof, except power to A/C)

Try calling the manufacturer and speaking with someone in customer service. Hopefully there will be a rep that knows what is going on.