Restoring Classic 1971 Travel Queen (Ford)


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I am new to this RV stuff, I am restoring this 1971 Travel Queen Coach 18'. I have been looking all over the innernet with out any luck in finding a manufacture of this unit or any info on replacment partd for Travel Queen, Any info would be good, I know that it was built in California. Things like light covers that people have painted over? all bath room stuff I want to replace, some of the windows need TLC and it also needs a new enterance door, Please any one that has owned or worked on a Travel Queen, Or anyone that has restored an RV I would really like to talk to you.
Also any info on RV grave yards in Florida.
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Restoring Classic 1971 Travel Queen (Ford)

I have a 1975 barth 21 ft. motorhome and I want to restore it and they no longer make a barth any help will be appreciated. This is my first day in here. Ryegal


Restoring Classic 1971 Travel Queen (Ford)

Her we go with restoring these old fossils again, :laugh: , I have a 1979 Foretravel, and have found that most parts needed to restore Nellie Belle or no longer made. The good part is that most items needed are available in a somewhat newer version, such as light fixrures. They have a nice assortment out on the market. The newer water pumps for house water made by Sure-flo are a lot more dependable and have internal pressure regulators.

The engine and drive train parts are not computer controlled which gives us a better chance of fixing everything in our back yard.

West Marine has a lot of 12 volt lighting that looks real good and the same with campingworld.

Don't know it this helped or not.