Retired Law Enforcement wanted by National Park Se


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I read an article recently (can't remember which publication) about the National Park Service hiring retired law enforcment to work part-time in the parks. Does anyone have any further information? Thanks.

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RE: Retired Law Enforcement wanted by National Park Se

Welcome to the forum. I volunteered at a Nat'l Park about 5 years ago and most of the enforcement personnel were temporary for the summer. However, most of them came back every year trying to get on full-time. You might try contacting the nat'l park service via the Internet. I do know they are hurting for money so they use volunteers and temp employees to get around paying benefits long term. Good luck. :)


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Re: Retired Law Enforcement wanted by National Park Se

About a year ago, there was an ad in the magazine "Workamper News" by the park service looking for retired law enforcement employees to work part time as dispatchers in the parks for the summer. The ad stated that there would be no enforcement duties and that is about all I remember. I did discuss it with a friend who is retired from a PD and he checked it out, but then chose not to take the position. I can't remember seening that ad recently. You might want to go the the NPS website and inquire there.