Rexhall Pusher???? Good or not


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I am looking at a 2003 Rexhall 36' with 300 cummins and a sparta chassis?? I am new to Motorhome and just wanting any information on good or bad motorhome?? It has low mileage and looks great but just have not heard alot about Rexhall. Thanks


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Re: Rexhall Pusher???? Good or not

Spartan builds a great chassis and Rexhall has had a good reputation, but the company is in financial trouble and they have dropped most of their dealers so you could have some problems getting support. Otherwise it should serve well.


Re: Rexhall Pusher???? Good or not

I have a rexhall Air bus and it is great 36 foot deisel pusher, with tags ,,, drives like a car,,, I ahd some exterior probs and they took care of it no prob...