Riding in the coach part of our Winnebago

We purchased a 1988 Winnebago 35' Chieftain. We took it to South Dakota last summer and riding in the back is like lying on a trampoline while about 6 people jump around you. Is this usual, or is there a way to correct this problem. The passengers are miserable riding for very long. Every bump in the road is felt inside the coach.

C Nash

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Riding in the coach part of our Winnebago

Hi Paul,
I would start by checking the shocks. Are you over loaded? Is your weight distributed evenly? Might be time to weigh the unit. Riding in the back, are you using seat belts? If you are new to motor home they take a little getting used to but, should not be uncomfortable. We have a 2002 32 ft vacationeer and the ride and drive is very comfortable. A little sway but no problem. Might also check air pressure in tires and might have to install air bags on rear if everything else is ok. Good luck
Riding in the coach part of our Winnebago

If it is bouncing continuosly even on smooth roads it sounds like you may have a tire problem. Could be a balance problem. Perhaps one or more is beginning to separate. If the vibration is there below 30 mph or so I would look for a bad tire or other defective driveline component, probably NOT tire balance.