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aussie Keith

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I am submitting this on behalf of friends here in Australia who are about to "house sit" for us while we head back to the USA for 2 months to visit our daughter. We had told them of our wonderful trip last year when we bought a Class A and managed to clock up 28000 miles and got to see 30 States over 12 months. They are currently full-timing in Aus in a new rig and wondered if there was the possibility of swapping rigs for a period with a couple with in the same position in USA who wanted to tour our country.
It sounds a great idea to us and are asking if anyone knew of web-sites that possibly handle this subject and also if it may be of interest to anyone so that they could gauge if it is worth taking further.
They have a 2007 26ft trailer with 2 slides (first of its kind in our country) towed by a new Toyota Landcruiser SUV. On the small size when you consider what is available in your country but it certainly does the job.
I'd welcome your comments and would pass on replies to them and get them to register on this site if anything develops.

DL Rupper

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Re: Rig Swap

Hey aussie Keith, sounds like a good idea. However, it will be hard to find someone willing to let some else drive their RV around. I think the insurance issues may be a problem also. I know I'm learning lots more than I want to about insurance right now. Keep us posted on the concept. :)