RM 2401 Dometic with some miles on it .

I have a Itasca with this frig Dometic 2401.. And its not cooling . it only makes a guggling noise .. My question is If I buy a new frig and install it myself .. would the company stand behind the warrentty ? I read Norcold have 5500ft problem the Dometic we have never had this problem .. So Looks like I'm shopping for a Dometic..
wheres a good site to buy this new spendy unit ? any help be great.
Units about 17 years old and 100,000 + miles.. this a great forum . wish I knew it was here 15 years ago ... ;) ..
RM 2401 Dometic with some miles on it .

I would either go to your dealer or Camping World. There might be some other online sites if you do a search. I would think even if you installed this yourself they would honor the warranty. Good Luck