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We are going on our first long trip, we are traveling from Florida to Montana, down to Arizona back to Florida around Thanksgiving. Can anyone give us some idea what roads to avoid? Looking at mapquest for directions, anyother website I can look at for directions?


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Re: Road Suggestions

I would stay off of I-10 in the Gulf states. I use my Garmin GPS for routes, and two large atlas/map books. Then I have a Woodalls book and a TrailerLife (Good Sam) book for listings of RV parks.

My Garmin allows me to determine distances and times for different routes. This helps in scheduling stops and deciding where to stop. On our recent monthlong trip through the northeastsouth, I can't think of a time where I didn't rely on my GPS for the 'best' route. We varied from that calculated route at times, but it always directed us back on track.

Sallyberetta claims I'm anal with keeping on schedule, so I have to screw up every once in a while just to live.


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Re: Road Suggestions

How about Good Sam's online travel planner? I generally use MS Streets and Trips to get an general idea of route and where to stop, then search for parks in that area, then program the addresses into my Garmin GPS. It likes to route me through big cities, so I make a list of bypasses to watch for.

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RE: Road Suggestions

Hey marti, If you don't have a GPS, weather permitting, try I-40 West until you get to Flagstaff, AZ. Go North on US 89 through Page, AZ, Kanab, UT on over to I-15 in Utah. You can stop and see the Grand Canyon, just a short side trip off of US 89 North of Flagstaff, AZ. You can take I-15 North all the way to Montana.

An alternate route would be to take I-25 North out of Albuquerque, NM through Denver and on to Montana.

On your way back head down I-15 to Las Vegas, NV and then take US 95 down through Laughlin, NV. From there you can take multiple routes through Arizona.