Road tractor for towing?


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Could someone please give me some advice about a road tractor (e.g. Peterbilt/Kenworth/Volvo/Mack) for towing a 5th wheel RV? What are the advantages and disadvantages compared to a large, heavy-duty diesel pickup with a 5th wheel and other towing options?

Gary B

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Road tractor for towing?

HI eortheain, welcome to the forum, well on the pro side you'd have lots of power, brakesenought to stop anytime you wanted to, tires would last forever, built to last forever.
On the con side of things, the heavy duty suppension would probally beat at light wt. (comparitively vs a semi trailer) 5th wheel pretty bad, kind of unhandy to run to town for groceries/beverages, or Wal-Mart, not the easiest to get in or out of the cab, cost of repairs when needed would be high and not readly available in smaller towns/cities. But I've seen a number of them out there so its being done, good luck. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve: