Roads to Yuma

Just checking to see what anyone can tell me about 101 going though Oregon around the 14th of Nov to Yuma. We have been that way one time but not with a 35ft MH. We are trying to see the best way to go from 101 and try to stay out of the snow and I don't think that will happen.
We can't wait to get on the road and find our way. Any good places to stay the night this way to Yuma?

Thanks for any help at all.


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Re: Roads to Yuma

I'm not quite sure what you are looking for, but I suggest that you allow plenty of time for the trip down US101 along the coast of Oregon and northern California, as it is as scenic a coastal area as I know of. The road is crooked and at times pretty steep, but the traffic is restricted in speed so RVs are not generally a major problem in traffic. In most cases the speed limit will range from 45mph to 60mph. At Eureka, CA the route goes inland and I suggest that you follow it as the CA1 route is not a good choice for large RVs. It will still be through scenic areas so allow time for all of it.

As you near the Bay Area, I suggest that you take interstates 580/880/680 route around the city. It is a longer route but having driven a motorhome with towd through the city on US101, there is a stretch of about 10 miles that is on city streets with traffic lights and extremely narrow lanes for traffic. I will never make that mistake again.

The US101 route is again an interesting and historic with many points of interest. At Ventura, I would suggest CA126 to go inland to I-5 and then follow it to I-210 which I then take all of the way west to the San Bernardino/Redlands area where it will empty on to I-10 to lead all of the way to Yuma.

As you head west on I-10 you will pass very near to Palm Springs which has an aerial tram to the top of the mountains that is well worth a visit and also to the north of you will be Joshua Tree National Park which is also a very interesting place to visit and which is worth a day or two visit.

I hope that this is at least some of what you may have been looking for.
Re: Roads to Yuma

Thanks for getting back with me. What do you think on how much time from Seattle Wa. to Yuma will take us? Right now we are getting alot of rain.

Never been to Palm Springs and this does sound great.