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Any thoughts on these plans? Great ones? Not-so-great ones?

We have USAA insurance on everything right now, and we get good service (they understand the needs of service members). As we prepare to go full-timing after we're done with the Army (just about 8 months from now), we're looking into other insurance and service plans. Good Sam? AAA? Others?

What works for you?

Thanks in advance,
Corrie B

C Nash

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I have the Good Sam road service. Only had to use it once and they were great. MH is insured by Progressive and only claim I have had is windshields replaced. Handled with no problem. They sent a service to the cg to replace. Do not have extended warranty.


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HI CORRIE, well I have Geico for all of my vehicle including the MH. I have road side assistance from Good Sams as well as extended warranty. I, like Nash have used the RSA only once and they came thru for me. So go looking and ask a lot of questions, but just make sure they can handle your RV, most will say they can, but do check up and see if they can or giving you lip service.

good luck


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Corrie - I have USAA insurance on the the house and truck (you get a discount for a combined policy) but USAA doesn't insure motorhomes, so I have GEICO on the motorhome and motorcycle. I have Good Sam for road side assistance - used it once - and it was worth it. Would have used it twice, but where I was needing it was no cell phone service. Oh well.:):)
I have progressive insurance for the MH . I got emergency roadside service from them it was all part of policy.
Used it once in Canada needed a 45 mile tow to Ford dealership. One call to Progressive they had someone hooking me up to a supersized tow truck within 1 1/2 hours.
they did everthing right including dropping drive shaft before towing.


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MP doc,

I use COACHNET for the motorhome roadside assistance and National Interstate Insurance. All my other vehicles and stick home are insured by USAA.

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