I have two questions,
1. Has anyone ever changed the rims on their Roadtrek and put custom wheels on ? I always have to check my hubcaps because they come loose, haven't lost any yet but someday I figure I will. I have them adjusted as tight as I can and still be able to get them on. I see on some Roadtreks they have costom wheels. I figure they must be a option when you buy it new.
2. Has anyone ever pulled a small toad behind their Roadtrek ? I have the 5.2 in my '95 Dodge and don't figure I have enough to pull a small toad. I seen a Dodge Roadtrek yesterday pulling a large boat and another a while back pulling a cargo trailer but never seen one towing a car.
Thanks in advance,

You will see too many people out there who display their ignorance by towing far more weight than their rig can safely pull or even more importantly, stop. You need to check with your mfg and determine the limits of your rig. If you do pull something within your rig's capabilities, consider the installation of an auxiallary braking system.

I would never pull anything without a braking system. Drove over the road for 18 years and seen more than once what can happen pulling something without brakes on it.