Rockwood or Flagstaff Hybrids

Does anyone know anything about either the Rockwood Roo or the Flagstaff Shamrock? I am looking at their 25BH model because of the incredible sleeping capacity (6-7) without using the drop down "tent bed", while still maintaining an extremely light weight (3570 lbs)!

This is the only trailer that I have found that has the capacity to sleep this many people (myself, my 14 yr old son, elderly parents, and on occasion my 26 yr old son with wife and two small grandsons!) that I can still pull with my '97 Astro Van. However, I am having trouble finding a dealer less than 200 miles away, so want to be very careful before I special order camper and then find out that they are wrought with problems (and no local dealer)!

Anyone know anything??

Kim Bodley
Rockwood or Flagstaff Hybrids


I just purchased a Roo 25BH and absolutely love it! Plenty of room and the sleeping capacity is impressive. There were some minor problems with ours that we noticed after two weekend trips, but nothing major and nothing the dealer won't/can't fix.
A word of caution about the hybrid travel trailers in general - CONDENSATION!!! Condensation can and will give you a damp night or two in the tent beds. This inconvenience can be remedied in several ways,(one is to keep a fan running at night to help circulate the air in the camper) so be sure to ask your dealer about it so they can help you out. We knew nothing of the condensation issues that come with the hybrids and were quite unhappy when we were awaken at 4AM by random water drops on our head and face!!! As I said this can be avoided so make sure you talk to your dealer about the different ways of doing so.

All in all, my family is very happy with our selection of the Roo 25BH. We can't wait until we can take it out again!!!!


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Rockwood or Flagstaff Hybrids

We have a 2002 23' Shamrock and love it! We pull it with a Nissan Frontier. We camp with a group and all the rest are in tents, so the 'facilities' get used by all. Once the beds are down and the sofa is slid 18" there is plenty of room. Also, with it being a hardshell while the beds are up, we can camp in the 'no pop-up' campgrounds. We were looking for the most bang for our buck while still being lightweight, and are very please with our selection. :laugh: