Rockwood or Sprinter Fith Wheel


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disregaurding price, does anyone have opinons on with one is better built? Rockwood ultra light by Forest River or the sprinter by Keystone? Trading in 2002 Jayco Eagle 264 BH. Towing with 2004 F-150 535 towing package, 9300 lb towing cap. I really need some input on the quality. Thanks

Gary B

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Rockwood or Sprinter Fith Wheel

Hi Fishing welcome to the forum. Your kind of comparing apples and oranges IMHO a regular trailer like the Sprinter out weighs an ultralite anytime, I'm not knocking ultralites its just that theres two different types here. We seriously looked at the Sprinter line and found them to be very nice and I know that Forrest River builds some very nice units. Sorry its not much help you didn't say what models your looking at so its really only a comparison of mfg and both have there good units and not so good. Good luck with your search
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