Rockwood Roo/Wilderness/ Starcraft

[ksh] We&#039re looking for the overall satisfaction of this type camper/trailer, but more importantly we&#039re looking for information on any problems with water leakage on the extended beds. Also, how do the appliances perform and what&#039s the ease of getting in and out of the sleeping areas? THANKS!
Rockwood Roo/Wilderness/ Starcraft

[stebro55] We have a Cub by Thor and have loved it. The beds are a little hassle, having to crawl over is one thing, the other is having to make them up each time you move on to a new destination (unless you use sleeping bags), but considering the extra room you have, it&#039s worth the hassle. If we use the camper in colder weather, we usually convert the table into a bed instead of the end beds and it stays quite toasty. I&#039m just not real crazy about dragging a 30ft. camper around. We tow with a V6 Astro and it&#039s a breeze. As for any leakage, I haven&#039t noticed any so far. We had a pop-up previously and had no problems with any leaks there either. Appliances are fine, as is the AC. Good luck and enjoy!
Rockwood Roo/Wilderness/ Starcraft

[Alice] We have a 25&#039 Shamrock which is the same as the Roo. We have had several leaks which were fixed by the dealership. We have also had de-lamination of the back outside wall, which we went round and round with Forest River over. They finally sent stuff down for the dealership to fix it. When you sleep on the end beds the person closest to the inside has to sleep on a crack in the mattress and you feel the seem were the sides have come down at (if that makes sense). We have had problems with the overall construction of the trailer, like the radio nearly falling out of the wall, pipes under sink coming unattached and outside molding coming off, thats just from going down Oklahoma roads. I personally would never buy a Forest River product of any kind. They are poorly constructed and the company does not stand behind its product.