roof leak / replace ceiling?


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Hey all - I recently bought an '89 35' American Traveler TT. I was told the roof leaked around an iron stabilizer bar of some sort (the prev owner put a ceiling fan in the back BR) and around the roof AC unit in the LR. He said I could put some 'muck' around the openings and that would seal the leak. Anyone have any experience with this?

Also, some of the white vinyl-ey ceiling panels have warped substantially due to this leak. I'm thinking I can take them down, clean out any mold or mildew and replace with plywood or waffle-board. With all the scary news about deadly mold, I'm planning on full-timing and am a little worried that this might be an issue. Anyone have any experience with this (celing replacement and/or mold)?

Your experience and input is greatly appreciated - thanks!


PS - also looking for manufacturer info/manuals/sewage and dumping info - posted in other forums. Thx


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roof leak / replace ceiling?

I don't know what you mean by "an iron stabilizer bar" but putting "muck" around the air conditioner will not solve the leak. There are two possible fixes for that. If you remove the inside plastic cover from the unit you should find three or four mounting screws that tighten the unit down against the rubber gasket that is between it and the roof. If they are not tight enough the seal will leak. But don't over tighten them as that will damage the gasket. If that does not work, the air conditioner must be removed and the gasket replaced.

Your fix for the ceiling is probably a good approach.