Roof Leak


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I've never owned a travel trailer before, but am looking to buy one. I looked at a 1995 Sandpiper 32' TT(asking $5400) and have a couple of questions: 1) The trailer weighs approx. 5300 pounds, I have a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer AWD V8. The owners manual says I can tow approx. 6500 pounds. I realize, according to the books, I should be fine, but want to hear anyone else's opinion on wear and tear on the motor/transmission/brakes/etc. 2) The TT had a leak in the roof at one time and was sealed, should I be concerned? or is this something that eventually most TT's will experience? 3) I walked on the roof and it felt pretty solid in most places. It has a rubber roof. However over the shower stall it seemed a bit soft. Is it supposed to be that way, or is that a sign of trouble? This is not where it had leaked previously. Thanks for any advice.

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Roof Leak

Ben, if the trailer dry weight is 5300 you would probably exceed the towing recomended weight for the Mountaineer. If the 5300 is max weight you will probably be ok if the Mountaineer has all the proper towing accessories with the right hitch set up. Most trailers will leak at some time if not sealed regulary. I would look very close at one that has leaked. take a awl or any sharp pointed object and probe in the floor under where the leak was. Over the shower could be caused by condensation which is just as bad as leaks. I would look at this real close. If you find any rotted ceilings, floor, walls you can bet it's a lot worse that you think because of what you can't see. Might need to weigh the TT and your Mountaineer to get an accurate weight since you will be on the upper or over limit. (AJMO)