roof marker lamps


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I am getting a new truck to pull a 33 foot 5th wheel. Do I have to get the yellow lights on the front of the truck cab? Is this a DOT requirement?

DL Rupper

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Re: roof marker lamps

That's good to know. I thought they were optional so you would think you were driving a BIG TRUCK. Thanks. :laugh: :laugh: I tried to order them both times on my 3/4 ton Dodge CTDs. The first time the factory forgot to install them and the second time factory ordering, through the Internet, they were not an option for a short period of time. Of course that was when I tried to order them. :(


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Re: roof marker lamps

DL, where did you order your truck on the internet? Did you save a bit vs. buying from a local dealer? Any help would be much appreciated; in the market for a new one myself.