Roof Repair?

I have a 28' MRV pampano motor home. I bought it used and it has really been keep up well. Only 44,000 miles. Great Mechanical Condition. I have had it about nine months. It seems to have had some repairs to the roof section around the seams just over the passendger door. I think the leak is now sealed but I believe it has some moisture under the roof that was not dried out completely before it was repaired. What leads me to believe this is there are very small bubbles (about the size of a pencil eraser that forms under the sealant. When I punture these they are filled with water. I am considering cutting a small circular opening about 4 inches in diameter in the top of the rubber roof and on the inside ceiling and pumping forced air in with an electic leaf blower to completely dry the structure between the inside ceiling and roof. The roof appears to be solid in this area however there is some delaminaton between the rubber roof and the substructure. I am curious to know if anyone has a better solution or any other thoughts on this problem. Your replies are welcomed.

Roof Repair?

I am not sure how much room you have between the inner ceiling and the roof, but I believe if it were me and I had a real concern, there are two things to consider. 1, if the roof leak has in deed been stopped, the dampness should over a period of time evaporate, The size and amount of the leak can be determined by the water spotting. If the concern is to dry this area out more quickly than mother nature would, I would suggest making a small opening and putting som sicila gel packs in it. These can be found at any moving or storage supply. Home Depot, Wal, mart U-haul, etc.

Whatever you do, kep in mind every hole you make in thhat roof is a spot for future problems.
Roof Repair?

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm fairly sure the leak is now sealed. There are no water spots at all. My main concern is the supporting substructure is completely dry to avoid rot. Would the gel packs remove that much moisture if it is in the wood??